Laura Cappelle, Baltic Dance Theater – Kylian/Weiss bill: Windows, No More Play, Six Dances – Gdansk,, 12 November 2012:

"Windows starts with a woman alone upstage, engrossed in the sight of a beach landscape shown as a frame within the stage frame. The image turns sepia, then dark as the piece unfolds, and the woman seems to grow older with it, occasionally extending a hand towards some unreachable world beyond. With its muted colours and score, a mix of Leszek Możdżer, Mozart, Bach and Marin Marais, Windows is permeated by the nostalgic yearning the woman embodies; as the characters enter downstage, in duets or in groups, their relationships betray sad undertones, as if weighed down by the passing of time, and a restless anxiety shows in the brutal or defensive way they use their arms. When the lead character is drawn out of her reverie by a man, their pas de deux is fraught with tension, and soon she returns to the alluring landscape, arms folded around her as if for protection.
(...) It is refreshing to see Jiri Kylian’s repertoire performed by a mostly modern company, and the two works of his that completed the programme were danced with an encouraging sense of theatrical flair.
(...) Kylian’s Six Dances rounded off the evening with a little comic relief. It took the Gdansk audience a few minutes to realize they had permission to laugh, but the atmosphere lightened up as soon as they did. The nutty aristocrats set in motion by Mozart and clad in what Kylian calls “Mozartian underwear” are perhaps the most eccentric characters in his repertoire, and their whimsical dances, chock-full of falls, entanglements and other physical and visual jokes, worked their charm in Poland as they do seemingly everywhere: the wigs spewing out white powder, in particular, are a moment worthy of the Trocks.
(...) The challenge now for Baltic Dance Theatre will be to keep raising their game with a repertoire that is still growing, but they certainly seem to have the right person to guide them in Izadora Weiss, whose own work might soon deserve international exposure".

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